Post-Apprenticeship Recognition Scheme (PARS) Announced

The Chartered Institution for Further Education and Association of Apprentices Announce Ground breaking Collaboration to Unveil Post-Apprenticeship Recognition Scheme (PARS)

The Chartered Institution for Further Education (CIFE) and the Association of Apprentices (AoA) were pleased to announce their collaboration at a prestigious event at the House of Lords on Thursday, November 23rd, 2023.

The purpose of the partnership is to introduce a professional recognition scheme for apprentices who complete their programme, recognising the unique educational route offered by apprenticeships and the core skills and attributes they promote.

The scheme will:

  • support increased retention and engagement for apprentices and improve achievement rates
  • support employability of apprentices
  • contribute to raising parity of esteem
  • build awareness of the skills, behaviours and impact that apprentices offer to businesses

The scheme will be complementary to industry specific or occupational professional recognition.

This ground breaking collaboration represents a significant step forward in recognising and promoting the value of apprenticeships in the workforce. By highlighting the skills and behaviours that apprentices hold, the PARS will play a pivotal role in reshaping the perception of apprenticeships and enhancing their overall impact. Apprentices see a range of benefits.  When asked, 85% believe it would show competence and 71% believe it would be a mark of quality.

The scheme will be piloted before a wider launch next year.  Apprentices will be front and centre of the scheme’s development with the pilot group ensuring the process is simple, straightforward and accessible for future cohorts.

Emily Austin, CEO of AoA said: ‘AoA’s mission is to help apprentices to achieve the best outcomes in their apprenticeship and beyond. Our partnership with CIFE enables us to make a significant difference to thousands of apprentices as they achieve a level of recognition that will support their progression in work and in life’.

Lord Lingfield Kt DL, Chairman of the CIFE said: ‘I am delighted to announce the collaboration between the Chartered Institution for Further Education and the Association of Apprentices to create a professional recognition scheme for qualified apprentices.

Professional recognition, through award of post nominal designations, will support those who have completed apprenticeships to highlight their employability, transferable skills and commitment to continued professional development. In particular, the scheme will recognise the unique educational route that apprenticeship completion represents, resulting in individuals who are assets to organisations and who possess the necessary resilience, tenacity, organisational skills and adaptability successfully to manage integrated employment and study.

Through this collaboration we intend to elevate the societal and industrial cachet of both the recipient and the apprenticeship route, and, in so doing, support national efforts to increase retention, full completion and overall achievement.

Jason Holt CBE, Co-Founder and Vice-Chair AoA said: ‘Our collaboration with CIFE will be game-changing for apprenticeships, elevating the recognition and value of vocational education and raising parity of esteem with other learning routes.  It’s truly exciting to be part of it.

For more information, click here, download a PARS Overview about the scheme. You can also visit the Association of Apprentices website


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