The Chartered Institution for Further Education is the voice for technical and professional education

Our membership boasts exemplary Further Education providers with a strong track record of delivering the skills needed in modern Britain, a strong ethos of collaboration for the benefit of their key stakeholders and excellence in leadership and Governance. We showcase the work of our members and work in partnership with industry to help redesign and reshape the FE system so that we can collectively deliver the skills needed for a thriving economy across the UK.

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We appraise, recognise and celebrate organisation high achievement, highly effective practice and excellent leadership and Governance in the further education sector

As well as being the only organisation in the UK that has been given royal assent to provide Chartered Status to excellent FE providers, our licensure opportunities recognise continued and effective practice of further education professionals.

Working with major blue chip companies and SME’s we provide key industry insight and research that helps better shape our skills system for the future. This system wide evidenced based approach ensures that the Chartered Institution for Further Education is leading the way in industry supported sector development

Become a member of an institution that recognises excellence within further education.
Membership is open to any organisation delivering skills, education and training within the further education sector

When you apply to join the Chartered Institution for Further Education we assess eligibility based on key indicators of quality. Our application process is supportive, transparent and conducted by individuals that have a comprehensive understanding of excellent practice within further education. Applications are then reviewed by our Appointments Board and taken forward to our Council which comprises of influential, experienced and leading individuals within the further education sector.