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We appraise, recognise and celebrate high achievement in the further education and skills sector

Corporate Members of the Institution, which is the only Royal Chartered Body for Further Education, are able to influence and raise the professional status of the sector.

Chartered status is a clear mark of excellence which shows potential new students and employers that an education provider is a centre of supreme quality in the areas of governance, leadership, professional development, teaching practice and community impact.

Chartered Institution Members have the opportunity to work with fellow Members to share and develop best practice for their organisations.

At a time of unprecedented change within the skills sector, the Institution provides the opportunity to share best practice and drive up quality in what is a vital part of the UK economy and society at large

Crawford Knott Managing Director of Hawk Training

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When you apply to join the Chartered Institution for Further Education we assess eligibility based on a review of key indicators of quality.

Our application process is transparent, fair and rigorous. Applications are independently reviewed and then approved by our Council. Our Council members are influential, experienced people within the further education sector.