Warwickshire College group

Jaguar Land Rover

The partnership between Warwickshire College Group (WCG) and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is primarily around the provision of training for apprentices. WCG developed a dedicated college facility at Warwick Trident in conjunction with JLR, which has now expanded to cater for other employers.

WCG worked together with JLR to provide a trailblazer apprenticeship route for Engineering apprentices within the business, which would lead right up to degree level apprenticeships, developing the next generation of manufacturing engineers within JLR.

The Warwick Trident College facility has been equipped by JLR with their cars, engines and manufacturing-related machinery, so that apprentices are learning in an environment relevant to their place of work.

The apprenticeship training at Warwick Trident College is tailored to specific job roles within JLR and the training is contextualised to the employer’s business needs.

As part of the partnership, staff at WCG can access CPD opportunities to apply knowledge to a practical application. Meanwhile, the College Group has access to JLR equipment for training, including a fleet of 10 JLR vehicles for apprentices to use at college, which helps to prepare apprentices for entry into the employer’s plant.

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