The Skills Network

Debt Free London

Debt Free London (DFL) are a unique partnership of charities providing free advice and support to Londoners facing money problems and debts.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, pressure was put on people’s incomes like never-before. The economic fallout meant that large numbers of people were experiencing job loss, reduced incomes and savings depletion.

Reports suggested service levels could triple, meaning DFL urgently needed to grow their number of debt advisors. They required a fundamental change going forward to ramp up training programs and continue to produce some of the finest debt advisors in the capital. This is where The Skills Network (TSN) came in. TSN is one of the country’s leading distance learning providers who offer high-quality funded training courses, providing outstanding service to our customers.

The Skills Network were able to provide the staff at DFL with the tools and confidence needed to prepare them for their job role. Training courses of this level normally take up to 12 weeks to complete. However, through tailored learning, TSN successfully trained 60 Debt Counsellors in Level 2 Information, Advice and Guidance in just two weeks. Some staff also went on to study additional CPD (Continued Professional Development) courses at no additional cost, further enhancing their skills.

It is estimated that the additional training delivered to staff increased their capacity by a huge 85% in the following months.

DFL can now meet future demand more accurately and efficiently with their 60+ new debt advisors, all thanks to the extraordinary training provided by The Skills Network.

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