South Staffordshire College


Automatic Door Suppliers Association (ADSA) work in partnership with South Staffordshire College to promote sector-based training in Power Pedestrian Door Technician Apprenticeship. They also deliver a sector-based certificated Standards Training and a CSCS card for working with power pedestrian door as part of our drive to ensure the apprenticeship standard addresses the needs of the sector.

As South Staffordshire College work with the trade association, they can develop the apprenticeship delivery to suit the needs of this sector, offer sector-based qualifications and have the trade association work with their delivery team to ensure staff and what they deliver are up to date and relevant to the sector.

ADSA Managing Director, Ken Price states β€œIn creating the apprenticeship, we sought to bridge a skills gap for the industry and develop a future workforce that would put quality standards at the heart of its delivery. We are pleased that the sector has responded so positively. It is clear to see that there is an appetite to invest in the development of those coming into the business.”

The benefits are two-fold – the association has a provider that can provide a sector-based apprenticeship that is offered nationwide, and the college with the help of ADSA can ensure what it delivers is up-to-date and current to meet industry needs.

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