East Coast College

Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture (CEFAS)

East Coast College has worked with the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture (CEFAS) staff to develop science provision that ensures industry led content. CEFAS have supported the development of the FdSc and BSc (Hons) Practical Life Sciences degree programmes, accredited alongside the level 5 Technician Scientist and level 6 Laboratory Scientist apprenticeships (respectively). Both programmes also support additional professional accreditation with the science council.

CEFAS also support the College’s level 3 Laboratory Technician apprenticeship supporting entry level and a progression route into future study.

CEFAS provide work experience opportunities and laboratory space in order for practical sessions to be delivered in their laboratory facilities supported by their staff.

CEFAS benefits from an offer that has been designed in partnership resulting in qualified and trained staff that can progress within the science focused roles. The degrees can be accessed as full apprenticeship which provides flexibility to the employer and the employee.

The partnership has ensured science provision developed to meet the market’s needs. CEFAS is a leading science institution and so provides a good level of accreditation to the offer for other employers in the sector and for students to draw confidence from.

Students benefit from state of the art laboratory space and provision that meets the market’s needs. This has resulted in four students graduating from the programme in 2021 with three working at CEFAS. There is currently a group of three on the degree programme, one of which is employed at CEFAS as an apprentice.

The College linked level 3 CEFAS apprentice saw one completing last year with five signed up for this year to begin their science careers.

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