Chartered Institution for Further Education Commission Important New Research

Chartered Institution for Further Education Commission Important New Research

CIFE are proud to have commissioned the Further Education Trust for Leadership (FETL) for important and insightful research on the individual and collective impact of Shame and Shaming in Further Education. The second published monograph, which complements part one of the research published in May 2020, focuses on the personal toll and impact of shame from the perspective of individuals.

CIFE would like to convey special thanks for their contributions to Dr Anne Murdoch at the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL), Neil Bates of The Edge Foundation UK, Ben Neale, Helen Shaw, Dawn Ward CBE of Burton and South Derbyshire College, Dan Wright, Julian Wood and Dame Ruth Silver at FETL. FETL have shone a light on an important current issue in our sector with this being another example of their continued thought leadership. We hope that this paper drives constructive discussions and so that we can all learn from this valuable work.

Covid 19 has provided us with a new context. One where we value, support and respect those who work in difficult roles and within challenging circumstances. People are truly valuing what really matters; families, friends and colleagues and a collective commitment to making our communities stronger. Shaming has no place in that but learning to make a stronger future for our students, staff and communities does.

If we are to create a brighter future for our students then we must continue to learn from research such as this and continue to discuss and question our collective values creating a tomorrow where all people are valued and supported. A future where every part of the FE system (those inside and outside of it) work together to nurture and support leaders and staff to create a true learning environment so students, staff, leaders and governors thrive. Only by doing this can our sector, its people and, importantly, our students’ flourish.

The research report can be found here: Voices of the shamed: The personal toll of shame and shaming in further education

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