Leading Standards in Further Education

The Chartered Institution for Further Education is a new membership body for the higher performing FE colleges and training providers in the UK. It received its Royal Charter on 9 October 2015.

The Chartered Institution takes over from the Institution for Further Education Ltd, the not-for-profit company which was set up by Lord Lingfield in 2013 to pave the way for a new chartered membership organisation for colleges and training providers in the further education sector.

The new organisation will be devoted to developing the potential, reputation and standing of the further education sector. Its mission will be to bring together the best training providers across the sector and collectively to promote, recognise and celebrate their professionalism and success. It will aim to raise standards in the sector by offering an indicator of whole-organisation quality which goes beyond formal QA and appraisal mechanisms. Its members will be committed to developing models of best practice, continuously seeking ways to improve teaching and learning as well as governance.

The Institution was created against a background of the then government’s view that FE institutions that were serving their students, employers and their local communities well, and improving the quality of their offer should be properly recognised and celebrated, while those doing it less well should be encouraged to do better and set a goal to which they could aspire.